Project Title: Diva Brows by Maryam Ehtesabi

Diva Brows Maryam has always had a passion for Art, especially for oil paintings ever since she was 4 years old. She would attend private art classes with the most famous painters at the time. She continued perfecting in various aspects of paintings all the way to high school. She had won many regional awards and got admitted into graphic design and visual arts program at the University of Arts, Tehran, Iran.
she graduated at the top of her class and received MAA with honors.

  • Web Design and Development:
    • Visual Identity
    • Custom UI/UX design in accordance with the brand personality
    • Powerful landing pages for services
    • High-quality stock images
    • High-quality vector graphics
    • Custom icon design
    • High quality copywriting
    • High quality / High-speed web hosting
    • High speed, SEO friendly web page implementation
    • Interactive Contact forms
    • E-commerce online store
    • Online booking system
    • Website Content Copywriting For Main Pages and Services