Social Media Shows The Customers Who You Really Are!

If you need to enhance your visibility, reaching your audience, guarantee their retention & loyalty, there is no subset of marketing that is accelerating these goals faster than social media.

Social Media Presents Your Brand Image!

This is a fact that more than 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a business or brand to others if they have an impressive experience with it on social media. More than 65% of Facebook users say they follow the brands and discover new products on the platform. So it totally makes sense to reach new and highly targeted potential customers to get them aware of your brand, product and services.

Social Media Stats That Will Absolutely Freak You Out

Social media stats in North America as of February 2020


Active Social Media Users


Facebook users which upload 300+ million photos per day


Youtube users which watch 5+ billion videos per day


Instagram users which upload 100+ photos per day


Pinterest users which save 2+ million shopping pins per day


Twitter users which send 500+ tweets per day

Social Media is the best way to Boost Brand Awareness!

By living in the social media era, bringing up conversations about your brand could be a big player in the process of customer decision making. Giving them confidence when they want to choose and purchase, but how? The answer is consistently building your brand awareness by first creating a journey for your buyers and try to engage them in each step.
We call the buyer’s journey, Digital Marketing Funnel.

Customer Relation Management in Social Media

As part of your social media management, responding to users’ and followers’ comments, questions and concerns on your social media platforms is essential. In this case, you have the chance to provide value for your audience while also demonstrating great customer service.

Taking care of all social media platforms 24/7 could be a real pain. That’s why WebMint provides an exceptional ChatBot mechanism that handles some or all of your communication with users in realtime. Chatbot marketing also could help to boost user engagement.

A real example is when you run a Facebook advertisement for Contests or Giveaways, involves creating rules and instruction, accepting submits, receiving users contact information and collect them in a proper place, choosing winners, and communicating with all engaged audiences needs an accurate and professional scenario to be designed and executed. A ChatBot messenger API could play a vital role to handle all actions taken by your target audience without any interruptions.

Tracking KPIs, Data Analytics and Reports

Key performance indicators help you to understand how well your campaigns are performing and whether they might need changes based on your digital marketing strategy. Analyzing data could help us to save money. Reaching the wrong audiences could consume our marketing budget dramatically and could ruin your ROI. It’s a proven cycle. Plan, Execute, Analyze and Improve.

Social Media Management

The key to maintaining your social media presence is to manage your online interactions and content of all channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is not about just posting updates to your business profiles. It includes engaging with your audience and walking them through different steps of your digital marketing funnel until they convert not only to your brand customers but also loyal and advocate.

The above process needs a team of digital marketers, strategists, data analyzers and designers. Other important roles are content creators. We know that it’s time-consuming and needs consistency and creativity. It also needs knowledge and experience to implement effective campaigns.

WebMint takes care of the whole journey + writing SEO based content.