Project Title: Wiedehopf, Building Exterior Material Supplier & Contractor

If you’re looking for a professional siding contractor in the Toronto area, you’re in the right place. Wiedehopf provides a wide range of Materials & Services for exterior wall cladding. Wiedehopf designs, supplies, fabricates and installs modern siding solutions.

  • Web Design and Development:
    • Custom UI/UX design in accordance with the brand personality
    • Powerful landing pages for services
    • High-quality stock images
    • High-quality vector graphics
    • Custom icon design
    • High quality copywriting
    • Online price calculation system
    • Online flipbook catalog preview
    • High quality / High-speed web hosting
    • High speed, SEO friendly web page implementation
    • Interactive Contact forms
    • Professional Portfolio showcase
  • SEO/SEM:
    • Research Popular Keywords
    • Website Content Development  2021