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When talking about digital marketing trends of 2020, it doesn’t mean that they are invented in one night, most of today’s digital marketing trends have a long story behind. But one thing is for sure, which is the effectiveness of those trends for 2020.

digital marketing trends of 2020

Please, remember that you don’t need to follow these new trends. Stick to your old and effective digital marketing strategies and gradually try these new trends. By the way, WebMint is going to introduce the top trends of 2020, as you know there are lots of trends, but our focus would be the most effective digital marketing trends in Toronto for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Why digital marketing matters:

If you own a business or you need to sell a service/product on the net. You must follow some strategies; otherwise, you will lose the profit on the table. In fact, you are not the only businessman in Toronto, there are people on the field. Keep learning about top digital marketing trends of 2020 and set your business shine beside the crowd. Following are the possible challenges your business has and you are going to practice the trends to win:

You may want to …

  • Improve customer support and customer experiences
  • promote your products and services
  • build your brand loyalty
  • connect to new audiences and attract more traffic
  • Increase the conversion rate

#1 Optimizing for featured snippets

By considering that you have a clear idea about SEO and how it works, we are introducing the best practice in the era of SEO. But the good news is that if you didn’t start the search engine optimization process, by learning about the optimizing for featured snippets, probably you will start a smart job and the result would be a definite success, between SMbs in Toronto.

Optimizing for featured snippets

On the Google search result pages (SERPs) there are some results that are different from others. Probably when purchasing some item you saw different results with image, price, ratings, product description, and visual information on SERPs, or maybe in some googling experience, you faced with results that summarized all parts of an article exactly at the top of SERPs; These are featured snippet.

Optimizing for featured snippets

There are many techniques to optimize for featured snippets, you can google and learn about it. But keep in mind that the core activities of the website SEO activities should be making high-quality content, on-page SEO, and keyword research.

#2 Voice search

People tend to use their smartphones and new capabilities, as more people use digital assistants like Alexa or Siri, the new chances to connect new customers and grow traffic increases.

Voice search

Confused? Think of it this way: When you were optimizing your website to be found on Google, you were optimizing all the content and metadata for written language. Now there is another potential to be found by voice searches.

If you are a local business in Toronto, we highly recommend you to work on voice search optimization, there are many advice and tutorials about optimizing your content to be found on people’s voice search, but basically, there are common methods to optimize for voice searches and the following is three things to consider:

  • Understand the Language: there is a big difference when searching on Google by writing keywords and when requesting something in Siri. accordingly, when optimizing for voice search we need to find the common speaking language and use long and specific keywords. Also, it is essential to finish the sentences which hold our target keyword.
  • Be conversational: The ton of your content should be conversational and engaging. As we already mentioned, when optimizing for voice search finish your sentences and check the text for possible grammatical errors.
  • Answer questions: Do you ever thought of why Google is the #1 source for our misunderstandings and needed information. Because the first purpose of this huge search engine is to provide information. In your business niche, there are lots of questions that people are asking regularly, this is where you should start your journey and list frequently asked questions in your business niche and work on them.

#3 Shoppable posts

If we look back on the process of purchasing an item or service on social media, having a landing page or online shopping site was necessary. But today the shoppable posts on social media take the responsibility of your sales and reduce the steps of purchasing and direct sales of your products.

Shoppable posts

Talking about the new trendy digital marketing trend in Toronto doesn’t mean that WebMint approves these methods and they are essential for your business. Yet there are some dark sides and inexperienced conditions. Consequently, as we answered your question in “Do I Need a Website In Addition to My Social Media?” again we are recommending you to slow on this trend and apply this practice to understand whether Shoppable posts work for your business or not.

The characteristics of using Shoppable posts:

  • The possibility of connecting new customers
  • A dramatic decrease in the percentage of sales abandonment
  • Better user experience
  • Fewer steps to payment

Bottom line: If you’ve got an e-commerce business, it is affordable and more secure for you to sell your products via social media. And if you are a small or medium-sized business you can use this method beside your websites’ shopping platform. The thing is, in this way, there is no worry about the potential risks.

#4 Micro-influencers

There are other marketing chances on social media, which is affordable and more acceptable for the people on social media. Especially for the Z Gen (people who are young and they are about 18 years old). Influencer marketing has been a digital marketing trend for a few years now.


There are different types of influencers on social media such as Mega, Micro, and Nono influencers. By considering the costs and results, Micro influencer marketing is a better choice for small and medium-sized businesses in Toronto.

It is Ideal to put several micro-influencers on your watch list and chose the most related and qualified to your business and business niche and use the following tips from WebMint:

  • Find an influencer who works on your niche expert
  • she/he should have the knowledge of marketing and copywriting
  • Try to work with the influencers with followers between 1,000 up to 10,000
  • Find the right person to be confident that you’re both working together to reach the same goal

Social media “influence” is now a commodity and an expensive one at that. But in case of selling a product or service to the related potential customers, it is ideal to work with micro-influencers. Firstly, their followers are uniform and secondly, micro-influencers are trusted by their followers.

#5 Vlogging / video marketing

In 2020 all digital marketers have a common belief about vlogging. If content writing for the website is the king of Google and other search engine optimization fields. There is another kind in the era of social media.

Vlogging / video marketing 

Vlogging is the other name for making video content. If you own a business and you are managing social media, you can use the potential of video marketing to increase your brand awareness and attract new followers. Implement video marketing to gain trust and show your brand’s transparency on the market.

Video marketing benefits in short:

  • Customers respond well to videos
  • They increase engagement
  • It’s an effective way to show off new and existing products
  • It’s easy to put together and cost-effective, especially compared to graphics and copy

Video isn’t just for advertising and marketing purposes. If you are an SMB, you can make great educational video content. When you are teaching freely on social media, followers will trust you more than before and it helps you build your brand, and finally, you will see that people are commenting and a kind of communications and engagement will occur on your social media page.

#6 Chatbots

Chatbots use instant messaging to chat with visitors to your website. In most of the websites, you can see chatbots appear as a popup or simply placed on the bottom of the webpage.

Chatbots can …

  • Provide 24-hour service
  • Provide vital information
  • Offer Instant answers to your customers’ questions

The most remarkable benefit of using chatbots in your digital marketing strategies is the effectiveness of chatbots on answering visitors to your landing page, while you are not available for direct messaging. Accordingly, you will save lots of money by not employing people to keep track of your website customer support service.

#7 Direct messaging

One of the digital marketing trends of 2020 in Toronto is direct messaging, a lot of research has been accomplished and the result of the research shows that, if there would be someone to answer potential customers before purchasing short yes or no questions, there would be an increase in the percentage of conversion rate.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging is an affordable technology and you can apply on your special landing pages, easily. If it is not affordable to hire people to your business and you don’t want to grow your office, then it is ideal to outsource this process to a third party company or you can simply hire freelancers to work on your direct messaging platform. So you won’t need to worry about providing a room with an office desk and accessories, which costs an arm and a leg.

Direct messaging is one of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2020 and 100 percent this trend would be the top trend in 2021, too.

#8 AI-powered technology

When it comes to A.I. technology, instantly we remember all the technology-based movies. Dangerous bots are fighting with humans, and in some other movies, there are tiny and cute bots that help humans daily work and bring comfort and efficiency to life.

AI-powered technology

But things are different in the digital world and eCommerce. One of the samples of A.I technology is the chatbots we talked about. But AI-powered technology has progressed and today most of the online shopping websites can understand what are your favorite items in this shop. What sort of things you would love to purchase and even some online shopping websites put one step ahead and legally or illegally in some countries are showing two different prices for two different user experiences.

These are some of the capabilities of Al-powered technologies in digital marketing. This is a totally new technology and undoubtedly will continue to be a trend in 2021. As we learned from movies, If this technology is in good hands, It will result in better user experiences and other benefits to the business itself.

Get Ready for 2021

Due to the Covid19, most of the brick and mortar businesses in Toronto changed their business plans, and competition on the internet and digital world reached a new level. It does matter if you are a small business in Canada or a medium-sized business in Canada, you must accept there is a kind of competition. And today we introduced you to the 8 digital marketing trends.

Get Ready for 2021

Now it is your turn, you know about digital marketing trends and probably you have a purpose in your business, after all knowing your purpose is something, leaving it is something else. Trends come and go, but there are some core digital marketing strategies. Firstly, understand the needs of your audience and communicate with them clearly and consistently. That’s why customer-focused content is significant in digital marketing. But don’t worry about it, because most of these trends are connected to content marketing. Watch out your old effective strategies and try to choose some of these trends that work best for your business.

Are you interested in more tips on core digital marketing strategies? If the answer is yes, you can read about Successful Digital Marketing for SMBs E-Commerce During COVID19 on WebMint.

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