Do I Need a Website In Addition to My Social Media?

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You are lucky reading this article, Whether you are new to digital marketing or not. Did you ever think why the 10 greatest businesses in 2020 have built their digital business on the Web and not just on Social media? They made such a simple and right decision. In this article, we will show you why super powerful companies that are active in e-commerce don’t rely only on Social media like Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc. So you will grasp what really matters in the world of successful small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  • What are the potential threats for the business based on Social media?
  • How a web-based business can set you apart from the crowd?
  • How can we build a website for our business?

It’s crystal clear that every kind of social media has its Expiration date, we are not disappointing you but it’s the fact. History showed us that some social media platforms that were popular before, today they are out of use, because no one is there. How can you make sure ten years later you will keep on making money through Instagram or Facebook and the others? No one can guarantee that. Of Course, we are not telling you to leave social media. So that is the case you as the CEO of a company should consider these things. The following are 2 potential threats that bring trouble for social media-based SMBs.  

Website vs Social Media

1- In the zone of Social media one dies and the other appears 

As we already mentioned, It is guaranteed that Social media will continue to its life but who knows today’s trendy one whenever will be abandoned or whichever new social media gets trendy after this. But one thing is for sure that SMBs are spending lots of money, to grow and keep the subscribers and followers satisfied. When the dark day comes, you need to goodbye all the money you invested in the channels or pages you have built on social media. 

2- Maybe you are the second potential case of hackers! 

We are not joking, and you know that. Every year we are reading on the news that the social media account of the popular X company has been hacked. It’s terrible news for the CEO but competitors get happy. These companies can regain the account, but did you think the potential damages can target the hacked SMBs. Maybe all the data will be deleted by the Mr. or Mrs. hacker or maybe they will publish a post that will have a long term negative effect on the reputation of your brand. 

So if we keep on talking about the negative sides of having social media, and all talk about threats and disadvantages of social media, it means that we are ignoring social media. But that’s not the thing we want, we don’t have bad or good practices in e-commerce, Social media is a really achievable method of targeting potential customers. The thing is, we should not only rely on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and so on. Now It’s time to achieve these three things just by making a website for our SMB: 

  • Increasing potential customers  
  • Increase and guarantee Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Rely on the strategies of the 10 best internet-based business of the year

The reasons that make a Web-based business stand out in the crowd.

Nowadays most of the digital marketing experts believe that a website is the skeleton of successful e-commerce. This is said for several reasons and we are going to show you how to boost your digital marketing progress and keep your business safe from potential risks just by making a website for your business: 

1- Why not appear in the world’s most used search engines?

Search WindowToday everyone knows Google. Most of the people are googling at least once or twice a day. In most cases, they want to buy an Item or simply they are searching to know which item is the best one to buy. And also they may look for some services they need.

Imagine you are ranked on the Google search results (SERP), can you estimate how much organic traffic you can get from Google and add the other potential traffic that arises from other search engines like Bing. That is incredible, especially for a small business that has not extra money for investing in the expensive advertisement. 

Note: Don’t worry about how to bring traffic to your website, the key to success is SEO. 

2- To sell items automatically and to a large extent you need an online shopping website!

If you are an online shopping website, It goes without saying that Social media has not the ability to manage all the orders. So to accomplish this, you need a large group of human resources to manage all the orders that are coming from your Instagram page.  

Online Shopping

Thanks to the website it definitely decreases the need for extra human resources in order to minimize the extra salary you are paying for the unneeded employees. Secondly, the technology of shopping on a website boosts the process of ordering, providing, and delivery of sold items. 

You can own your payment gateways and connect it directly to your bank account, this results in quick access to your income.

3- You can gather a lot of data about potential customers!

Digital marketing is not limited to social media and websites. Email marketing, SMS marketing, etc. are the other components of a strong digital marketing strategy. Fourtanty the best way to gather emails and mobile numbers of customers and potential ones, is through websites. 

As an SMB owner, you may understand this potential advertising opportunity, so this makes you convinced to build a website for your business. But if you are not sure yet, read the next reasons.

4- You are ready to offer services and products when the page shuts down on social media!

Due to the reasons we highlighted above, you may lose your Youtube channel, Pinterest, etc. what will you do next!? Let me tell you, It is the website that protects your brand and continues to offer services to your old customers. That really makes sense, a website is the identity of a business and helps your business when it is in trouble. 

5- ROI is guaranteed when you are investing in your website!

Thanks to the mobile usability rules and metrics that are being tested in the competition between websites. This sheds light on the fact that mobile users that include most of the digital world users will continue to use websites especially web applications more than mobile apps. 

Website-Design Business WebMint 

So you don’t need to worry about the future of the websites, keep in mind, you will get ten times more than the money you have invested on your website. 

6- You can keep track of the visitors and understand what is the next step in your business!

Websites have the capability of tracking the visitor’s behaviour, to do this there are many instruments such as Google Analytics, which tells which page of your site gets traffic, how many visitors you have, what they are doing on your web page, how many of them are buying, from where they are coming, how many of them are visiting you site for the second time and more reports like these.

How can we build a website for our business?

When building a website or ordering a website, you will get familiar with the technical things mentioned below:

  • Domain: Domain is the address of your website; like,, etc. 
  • Host: simply is an online computer [server] that is always on, to share the data of your website which is stored on that. 
  • CMS: Is the system that manages your content on the website. 
  • Design: is the appearance and structure that visitors are seeing on your website. 

All of these 4 things are very important and critical when making a website, we recommend you talk with different digital marketing experts, to understand which type of website suits your business needs. 

Website Design WebMint

What all of these means to you?

  • Firstly, If you have not built your website yet, try to make it. It’s never late. 
  • Secondly, websites can increase your subscribers and followers on social media.
  • Thirdly, when it comes to designing a website you need to be very careful and informed.

Your turn!

Do you have any good or bad experience of having a website besides your page on social media? What kind of website do you think is the best choice? Please share your ideas about having a website, we will be so happy to hear your story and give you advice.

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